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33 LIBRARY. The first thing that one notices about the library is the excessively high ceiling, about fifty feet. The east, west, and south walls are entirely lined by books, all the way up to the ceiling. The northern portion contains three gigantic stained glass windows, each featuring a Triskelion visage. These are each about ten feet wide and extend from about thirty feet off the floor to the ceiling, curving over to meet the roof on the third floor.  Numerous tables and high backed chairs are here, for the convenience of students and researchers.

Beneath the central stained glass window is the master librarian's ornate and massive desk and carved wooden chair. The chair's back is to the window and the librarian will usually be sitting here, making notes and moving books from one large pile to another. She will tend to ignore adventurers who are behaving themselves.

The Librarian, Restless Dead (AC 0; MV 12”; HD 10; hp 55; #AT 10; D 1-8 each; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 3020)

The librarian appears as a frail elderly woman, somewhat transparent. She is clad in a white robe and if observed to be moving about she will seem to float above the floor. She is immune to sleep, charm, hold, and cold-based spells and attacks. She can not be turned in the library or nearby rooms (Rooms 34 to 36), although she can be turned as a 'Special' undead if somehow lured out of the library.

The librarian is lawful neutral and cares only for the library, so she will never be immediately hostile. Roll on the following encounter table to find the mood of the librarian when an attempt is made to converse with her (such as if the adventurers are looking for information), adjust the result for the charisma Reaction Adjustment from page 13 of the PLAYER'S HANDBOOK:

When she is grumpy, she will ignore the adventurers or tell them to be quiet. When her reaction is neutral, she will behave coldly professional, making conversation and perhaps gesturing to where the adventurers can find the book they seek. If friendly, she will offer to guide the characters to the book, or answer their questions and she will seem less harsh. If the librarian is affectionate, she will be generally doting and helpful, even though this is somewhat creepy. She will never willingly allow a book to leave the library and she will not point out any secret doors.

If angered, for example if attacked or she witnesses the theft of a book, the librarian will change into a more frightening aspect. She will begin shrieking, her features will become coarse and hideous, and ten ectoplasmic tentacles will emerge from her abdomen, each causing 1-8 points of damage with a successful attack. If the characters return the book, she will forgive for the first offense, but if attacked she will reply in kind.

The books are divided into sections (for example, botany, astrology, novels, etc.) Long ladders on wheeled tracks are used to access them, and the tracks can be moved about. The doors in the west wall are tucked into recesses and somewhat difficult to see, while the secret door to the east is hidden behind a movable bookshelf (it can be found by removing a book titled “Dark Secrets of Lost Suzeraal”). A second secret door on the west wall can only be reached by climbing a ladder. It is thirty six feet up and leads to Room 47 on the Second Floor. It can be found by pulling the nose of a small wooden decorative gargoyle-like face next to the opening.

Despite everything, if the characters do manage to take books out of the library, they may prove to be valuable. These books are heavy, and any book that is taken will weigh between 11 and 30 gp weight (1d20+10) and will be worth the following:

Of course, the characters will still have to find a sage, wizard, noble, etc. who is willing to buy the book in question. Most large cities will have book stores which will have interest in such an item, although many may not be able to afford to purchase an expensive book.

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