Monday, June 16, 2014


36 DEAD LANGUAGES ROOM. This spacious room appears inviting. It is well-lit with torches which are kept always burning magically. There is a heavy wooden table holding a large stack of white paper. Most of the walls are lined with round holes or slots, except for the center of the west wall, which holds a huge scroll on a special holder.

When the party enters, the stack of paper will swirl up as if in a min-whirlwind and form an aggressive monster made of paper, looking much like a great hump-backed dog.

Paper Guardian (AC 10; MV 15”; HD 5+3; hp 27; #AT 1 bite; D 3-12; SD Immune to charm, sleep, and hold spells; XP 387)

The paper monster is vulnerable to fire attacks, automatically failing its saving throw and taking an additional 1-4 points of damage on top of normal damage dealt by fire.

The slots in the walls hold scrolls written in ancient languages. Use of a comprehend languages spell will allow one to read the scrolls, but they deal only with mundane matters such as inventories, bills of sale, works of fiction, mythologies, scientific treatises, histories of war, banking records, and list of financial transactions.

The large scroll in the special holder is a special magic cipher scroll. If a scroll in an unknown language is placed on the left side and a empty scroll is placed on the right, the cipher scroll will translate message onto the empty scroll in the common language. This valuable item might be worth 5,000 gold crescents or more to the right buyer, if it could somehow be smuggled away from the librarian.

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