Tuesday, June 10, 2014


30 JEWELER'S WORKSHOP. This room was the workplace of Grimo Jobenheim, the gnome jeweler who was employed by the Triskelions. The door to this room is smashed in and the once strong lock is broken. This room has become inhabited by a glutinous gunge.

Glutinous Gunge (AC 5; MV 3”; HD 3+2; hp 14; #AT 1; D 2-8; SD Sticky; XP 141)

The dressed stone walls are obscured by curtains of green and gold and the floor is wood. Badly damaged technical equipment is unceremoniously scattered about. There is a small table near the north wall holding several glass boxes. A large work table and chair are near the west wall.

The six glass boxes on the north table are empty jewelry display cases. The glass has been broken in an obvious theft.

The large chair by the work table is specially made for a gnome, complete with a raised seat and small steps. There is a hidden panel behind the chair (check as for a secret door) with a space containing Grimo's secret stash of gems which have not been stolen: an opal (750 gold crescents), a topaz (500 gold crescents), three 100 gold crescent gems (garnets), three 50 gold crescent gems (star rose quartz), and four 10 gold crescent gems (tiger eye agate).

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