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29 PRISON CELL. The door is locked and holds a small barred window. There are also three small barred windows in the walls of the chamber. There are thirty four sets of manacles on the walls. Faldo Osenheim, a gnome adventurer, is chained to one set.

Faldo Osenheim, Neutral Good male gnome Illusionist/Thief (AC 7; MV 6”; I1/T2; hp 2 (normally 5); #AT 1; D By Weapon Type; SA Spell use; S 8, I 16, W 7, D 17, C 14, CH 12; XP 68 (normally 155))

Thief skills
PP 40%, OL 44% F/RT 35% MS 31% HS 25% HN 20% CW 71% RL -

Faldo is unarmed and wounded. Faldo is normally a bit dirty looking and unkempt, but he now in a truly pitiful state, clad only in a loose stained loincloth and not expecting rescue.  He is currently out of spells

Faldo was part of an adventuring party.  The full complement of adventurers were Faldo, Barca (Ground Floor Outer Ward, Room 59), Alara Knacktha (Lower Level Outer Ward, Room 14), her brother Obel Knacktha (Ground Floor Inner Ward, Room 60), and Rosalba (Ground Floor Inner Ward, Room 62

He will ask the party if they have found his comrades, and if he is returned to civilization he will attempt to organize a rescue for them, with or without the player's help.  Though he has been profoundly affected by his ordeal, he was previously cheerful, a bit of a hedonist, and prone to practical jokes. 

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