Thursday, April 17, 2014

BIG NEWS: & Magazine and my 250th post

I am pleased to announce the PDFs I promised at the Knight's and Knave's Alehouse will be coming.  Several weeks ago, Ron at & Magazine offered to host the PDFs on their website, adding art and helping with professional-looking formatting.  The first PDFs should be available soon, probably within a week and you will be able to find them at:


I will put a link up and I will also update when the first PDFs will be available as soon as I know for sure that they are up.

This is also my 250th post.  As always, I appreciate the feedback I have been given at and the comments that are left on the blog.  We will soon be finished with the Third Floor of the Outer Ward and we will move on to the Lower Level of the Outer Ward.  After that The Inner Ward and The Upper Dungeons will start up, probably about a month from now.

Looking ahead, Friday Night Fights return tomorrow with Unicorns vs Wights.

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