Thursday, April 10, 2014


13 CHIEF FALCONER. The door to this room is capable of being locked but is not. This is the home of an insane doppelganger who murdered the chief falconer, a man by the name of Salietti, and took his place.

Salietti” the Doppleganger (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 4; hp 24; #AT 1; D 1-12 or By Weapon Type; SA Surprise on 1-4, Mutable form; ESP; SD Immune to sleep and charm, save as F10; XP 426)

It is psychotic. It now believes that it is the chief falconer, and will act accordingly. This creature does not need to wear clothes to impersonate, but it wears one of the uniforms anyway, which appears ragged from long use. It also carries a dagger and a short sword, though it can do more damage without using a weapon.

The doppleganger may offer to join the party and will act in good faith if accepted. It really believes it is a person. If accepted, there is a non-cumulative 10% chance per day of it having a lucid interval and turning on the party. If this happens it will choose it's time carefully, attacking when the party is weak or distracted.

This room contains a bed, a footlocker, and a wardrobe. A tapestry depicting falcons in flight is against the east wall, valued at 300 gold crescents (600 gp weight). The footlocker is locked and contains dirty laundry and a small bag of 17 silver spanners and 13 copper pieces. The doppleganger will resist anyone taking “his” money.

The wardrobe holds Triskelion uniforms with a falcon crest on the breast. There are five large glass windows and a fireplace in the north wall.

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