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61 MASTER SUITE BEDROOM. The master goblin and his three wives are here. Each of the wives wears human female clothing.

Straglietti, the master goblin (AC 4; MV 6"; HD 3; hp 14; #AT 1; D Bastard sword or dagger +1 to damage due to strength; XP 77) 14 gold crescents, 24 silver spanners, golden nose ring worth 8 gold crescents, key to Room 59, key to locked iron box under bed

3 Female Talon Goblins (AC 7; MV 6"; HD 1-1; hp 2, 4, 3; #AT 1; D Dagger; XP 12, 14, 13)

The first wife has a copper ankle bracelet worth 2 gold crescents and a pearl hairpin worth 1 gold crescent. The second wife has a silver necklace worth 5 gold crescents. The third wife wears a single silver earring worth 2 gold crescents.

If the characters are willing, they will find Straglietti to be more interested in peaceful negotiations than in being killed. However, should the characters somehow form an alliance with Straglietti, they will find him a graceless friend. Straglietti is not particularly bright, but he is also not stupid. He will attempt to feel out the party and assess strengths and weaknesses. If an alliance is made between him and the party, he will demand that they accept one of his wives as a peace offering (Janice, the 4 hit point wife), as she is a shrew and he is aching to be rid of her. He has the following goals:

1. He will first attempt to convince them to kill the Dragenbok (Room41, this level) as he and the other talon goblins have an deep fear of this monster.

2. He will next try to get them to kill the talon goblin mage Ulixes (Second Floor Room 39).

3. If possible and he is working from a position of strength, he will attempt to extort money from the adventurers.

In return he can offer little. He would be willing to release the prisoners in Room 59 and allow the party safe passage through this floor whenever they like. Under no condition will he give up treasure or allow conscription of goblin troops. If placed under extreme duress, or if the Dungeon Master finds it convenient, he may be willing to offer a talon goblin as a guide.

If the party has aided him, Straglietti will feel no loyalty. If he senses weakness (such as the party has visible wounds or fewer members) he will not hesitate to betray them, preferably when they are off-guard.

A beautiful four poster bed, now with stained and ripped bedding, is here. There is a lit fireplace in the south wall. An armoire and wardrobe are present. Once beautiful paintings graced the walls, but these have been slashed and discarded and crude drawings made from charcoal now decorate the walls. Two lovely stained glass windows featuring mountains with snowy tops are present.

Under the bed, the master goblin keeps his treasure:

Iron box with a lock on it
  • Gem (chrysoberyl, 100 gold crescents)
  • Triskelion signet ring (worth 1 gold crescent)
  • Elaborate jade snuff box (worth 38 gold crescents)
  • Elaborate cherrywood snuff box (worth 25 gold crescents)
  • 181 copper pieces
  • 16 silver spanners
  • 8 gold crescents
  • 4 gold mabans (dwarvish currency)

Long but shallow wooden box, not locked
  • Wand of illumination (84 charges)
  • Potion of super-heroism (orange color, tastes buttery)
  • Scimitar wrapped in leather
  • Ivory carving of an elephant (worth 600 gold crescents)
  • Knife sheath (worth 3 copper pieces)
  • 2806 copper pieces
  • 891 silver spanners
  • 104 gold crescents

There is also a barrel of pickled fish and Barca's equipment: chainmail, shield (crest is a green griffon), and long sword.

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