Sunday, December 29, 2013


20 GREENHOUSE AND WORK ROOM. The south wall is made completely out of glass and the ceiling is also glass. A fire pit is near the north wall, along with simple kitchen utensils and pots and pans. Against the west wall, there is a massive worktable holding large amounts of glassware. A large number of potted plants are in the room, so many that traversing the room is slightly difficult.

The worktable holds seventeen empty glass flasks, two potions of healing (blue and watery, tastes like charcoal in water), one potion of diminution (sickly yellow-green and fizzy, tastes like pepper), one potion of plant control (glowing, violet and syrupy, tastes like wine), a beaker of plentiful potions (healing, diminution, and delusion), and one container of balm that will reverse the effect of shock from a bee sting. The potions are properly labeled and there are several extra labels, corks, and glass stoppers. If the characters have behaved themselves, Malphaim may be willing to trade potions for magic items or fine jewelry (2000 gold crescent value minimum).

The plants include most of the ones from the Dungeon Master's Guide Appendix J, and whatever else the DM chooses to add.

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