Tuesday, December 3, 2013


62 MASTER SUITE BATH. This room is lavishly decorated. The walls and floor are adorned with white tile. Two stained glass windows depicting bathing blue skinned nymphs are present. There is a white porcelain toilet and a large ornamental brass bathtub. A white cabinet is against the east wall.

This room suffers from the same water shortage seen elsewhere in the outer ward but some water still drips from the bathtub faucets. The goblins have placed a teapot to catch the water. Only the master goblin and his wives use it as a restroom and as a rule they do not bathe.

The cabinet contains scented soaps, fragrant candles, and white towels. The front of the cabinet is decorated by a mermaid carrying a jug. A secret door connects the back of the cabinet to Room 52. It is operated by twisting the mermaid's jug, causing the false back of the cabinet (behind the shelves) to swing open.

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