Thursday, December 26, 2013


This magic broom is only usable by magic-users and illusionists. It acts as a a broom of flying and can also be used as a quarterstaff +1 in combat. In addition to this, it has one other function. With a command word it will allow the creation of brandles.

Brandles must be made from broken broomsticks. They appear as headless stick figure men with rude limbs. As many brandles can be created and controlled as the user has points of intelligence, given that sufficient materials are present, but the broom of brandles can only be used to create a brandle once per day.  Once a brandle is made, it is faithful to its creator, even if that person goes on to lose the broom.

Each brandle is AC 9, HD 1, MV 12", and attacks once per round for 1d6 damage. They are immune to mind-affecting spells, such as sleep and charm and take only half damage from thrusting weapons in much the same way that animated skeletons do. They are normally mindless (non-intelligent), but each time a brandle is created, there is a 5% chance that it will have AC 5, HD 4, and attack for 1d10+2 damage. If this is the case the brandle will have average intelligence. Such a special brandle will be 50% likely to attack the user at once and 50% likely to be a generally reliable servant.

XP VALUE: 7,000

GP VALUE: 25,000

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