Monday, December 2, 2013


In addition to human currency, some demi-humans also mint their own forms of money.  Dwarves make five kinds of minted coins:

The platinum coin is known as the zamukkarbhu.  The head aspect shows the face of the dwarf king in whose reign the coin was minted.  The tail show a hammer awash in flame.

The gold coin is known as the maban.  The head shows a stylized gemstone in relief while the tail shows a pick.

Dwarves are the only race known to make coins in electrum.  This coin is called the lugdush.  The head shows a tower while the tail depicts crossed swords.

The silver coin is called the khuram.  The head shows a door and an axe is on the back.

The copper coin is known as the gane.  The head is graced by an eye and the tail shows a torch.

All dwarven coins are twice as heavy as normal coins, but worth five times as much, due to the exquisite detail and workmanship.  Thus a platinum zamukkarbhu is worth 25 Sarcoy gold crescents, or 5 gold mabans, and has a value of 5000 Sarcoy copper pieces.  Like many other coins used by humans, they are reeded or milled, so they can accepted in confidence.

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