Tuesday, August 29, 2017


30R KANE'S SANCTUM. This upper reach of the tower has a fifteen foot ceiling and above that is the spire, which extends another fifteen feet to its tip.

The room is furnished as a living room (chairs, sofas, tables, etc). There is also a large chest with mystic writing on it. These are explosive runes. Kane has instructed Quill in the necessary countermeasures. Within the chest are three scrolls, a wooden hinged box with a small lock, and a wand case.

The first scroll holds the spells polymorph other and wall of fire. The next hold the spells magic missile, sleep, and web. The third is a scroll of protection from wererats.

The small box is locked (Kane took the key with him) and trapped with a fire trap. Damage from the fire trap is 1d4+12 because Kane used to be a level 12 magic-user before combat with a level draining undead. In the box is a ring of spell turning, a gold ring with an emerald (5500 gold crescents), 7 Jalluxian platinum imperials, and 6 gems (citrine, 100 gold crescents each).

The wand case is made of fine wood and silver inlay and worth 300 gold crescents. It holds a wand of lighting (54 charges, activation word “zakeru”).

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