Saturday, August 26, 2017


30O QUILL'S ROOM. Quill keeps the key to her room on her at all times.

This bedroom has a decidedly feminine atmosphere. The arrow cross-slits have had stained glass added to them, making them nonfunctional for their intended purpose.

Quill's desk has a hidden compartment where she keeps her spell book.

First Level Magic user Spells:
Affect normal fires, mending, read magic, sleep, write

Second Level Magic user Spells:
Continual light, knock, web

In the drawers are her spell components: a piece of crystal for the read magic spell, packets of sand in paper for the sleep spell, special ink for the write spell (worth 300 gold crescents), and cobwebs wound around a wooden dowel for the web spell.

On her dresser are the following:
  • an unlabeled potion of invisibility (odorless, tasteless, clear) in a rock crystal decanter (75 gold crescents)
  • a silver and ivory necklace (450 gold crescents)
  • a pair of platinum earrings (300 gold crescents)

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