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27L NOISY ROOM. In the center of the room floats a two foot diameter sphere of constantly changing lights and textures. Orbiting it a are four tiny (about six inches in greatest dimension) creatures looking something like a cross between a frog and an octopus. Each small creature is producing an awful atonal music with a set of miniature metal pipes.

The object in the center of the room is an embryonic chaos god. The music the pipers are playing keeps it small until it is ready to enter its next growth cycle and be sent into deep space to mature. Paying too close attention to it causes vague uneasiness, a slight eye-ache, and nausea. If the character persists in inspecting the chaos orb for a full round they must defend against a psionic blast vs non-psionic from short range (DMG, page 78). This is not actually a psionic attack from it, but only a reaction from the mind of the mortal character as they attempt to make sense out of what they are seeing. The orb is a true chaos being and has no pattern, but the mortal mind will try to make a pattern out of what it is experiencing and the results are frighteningly strange, uncanny, and mind blasting.

The satellite creatures are rather curious about strangers. If talked to, they will converse via perfect telepathy (like a demon). While they are doing this, they will stop piping and the musical influence on the chaos sphere-god will lessen and it will begin to destabilize. The same thing will happen if the creatures are attacked. If only one creature is conversing or fighting, the orb will fluctuate and its surface will gives off excrescences, like solar flares. If two creatures are involved at the same time, the size of the orb will begin to change smaller and then much larger. If three are affected, the orb will begin to produce a roar and grow to fill the room. If all four of the creatures are incapacitated, the orb will increase massively in size and rise through the roof at a significant fraction of the speed of light, causing 2d100 damage to anyone within one hundred feet. No more than two creatures will willingly converse with adventurers at one time.

Satellite Chaos Creatures (AC 0; MV 0”/6”; HD 8; hp 50 each; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Magic use; MR 60%; XP 1425 each)

These creatures are too small fight in melee, but they are made of extra-terrene material and supernaturally tough. They can use the following sound-related spell-like abilities at will once per round one at a time by use of their pipes: audible glamer, charm person, clairaudience, confusion, deafness, or produce a sonic attack that does 1d8 damage.

They are not hostile unless attacked and will want to learn about characters that enter the room. They have the power to make a contract with mortals, in which they will give power. In return they will take something from the character that wishes to bargain.

Grants power of
Wants in return
Double normal life span
Your fertility
Eternal wakefulness
All the memories of your childhood
The ability to identify magic items on sight
You must become a worshipper of the embryonic chaos god
Reddy Freddy
Permanent immunity to poison and level drain
Service, see below

Service means that the creature can make one demand in the future on the character and the character must fulfill the letter of the creature's wishes. When the creature decides to exercise this right, the involved character will feel an irresistible summons to return here and do what the creature wishes. This will probably take place some time within the next year or whenever it is convenient for the DM. This function is much like a quest or geas. The nature of the demand is up to the DM, but should be significant, difficult, and entertaining.

Each creature is only willing to make one bargain.

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