Friday, June 2, 2017


23F LICORICE LOUNGE. This room is furnished with small tables, couches, and easy chairs, all made from candy and chocolate. One table holds twenty marbles in a gold bowl (200 gold crescents value), stolen from the residents of Area 2. On the southeast wall there is a huge stylized outline of a mouth and eyes made entirely from giant pieces of red licorice.

This is actually an animated face and it is eager to talk with the adventurers. The face will pretend to be friendly and helpful but it is really spiteful and nasty. It will give false answers about the inhabitants of the Candy House and give misleading descriptions, whatever it thinks will cause the most chaos and consternation. For example, it may characterize the Candy Crone as being very weak and injured, if it thinks that will cause the party to underestimate her. In particular it will be quick to slander the magic peanut face in Room 23I. If it is confronted with proof of its lies, it will say "What can you expect of a giant licorice face that can't move about?" as it is jealous of people's mobility. If the adventurers leave the area, it will inform any sugar goblins that it may see that there are intruders.

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