Wednesday, February 15, 2017


15J PICTURE ROOM. Dozens of paintings are arranged about the walls. All are pictures of food items (fruits, cuts of meat, bowls of nuts, pastries and cakes, etc.).

One large painting is against the west wall. This painting depicts an old man in a chef's uniform behind a table laden with food. On the bottom frame are written the words "Locci et Manjuca".

If the formula is recited, the man in the painting will become animated and converse with the party. He will let each person take food from the painting if they answer a question truthfully. Some example questions are "what is your name?", 'what is your favorite food?", "have you ever killed a man?", etc. Dungeon Masters can make this as difficult or as easy as they like based on the party. If a person lies, the old man will know and not let them have any food. If a person answer the question truthfully, the old man will allow him or her to take one food item. If a person touches their hand to the painting, their hand will enter the painting and they can grab the food. Attempts to attack the man will damage the painting instead.

The effects of the food items are as follows:

Pork Chops: Gain 1 point of strength permanently (or +25% to 18 exceptional strength)

Baked Potato: Can breath fire as a hell hound (1 point of damage per experience level) permanently. Usable up to three times per day.

Fish: Can now breathe water as well as air permanently.

Corn on the Cob: Heals any disease, curse, deleterious spell effect (such as charm), and/or damage. If the character is not wounded or afflicted then nothing happens.

Glass of Wine: Even a drop of this wine will make the imbiber greatly intoxicated, as per the Dungeon Master Guide pages 82 and 83.

Chocolate Cake: Non-magical.

When every person who wishes to take part does so, or if all the food is gone, the old man will walk away (in the painting) to go do some more cooking. If the room is re-entered later by the same party, the old man will not be in the painting.

Attacks against the painting will destroy it and its magic forever. If the painting is removed from the room, its magic will no longer work and it will remain only a painting until it is returned and re-hung here.

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