Friday, November 7, 2014

What I've been up to. A new map and revising some old posts.

It may not seem that way, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes at Castle Triskelion. Bryan Fazekas over at & Magazine asked me about a side-view map, something I have been thinking about for a while anyway. After a bit of pestering I put this together:

I'll put it in the sidebar with the others.

Meanwhile, I went back to the Outer Ward Ground Level and tried to correct any minor mistakes I saw in each room. I also added stat-blocks and I have discovered the joy of linking my posts to each other. Bear with me, I'm still learning. Ultimately it would be nice if people were able to run the dungeon from online and I hope my efforts make it easier to do so. Over the next few weeks to months I will update the other levels I've already blogged as well.

I'm pleased to announce we will soon have another pdf available from the & Magazine download site. We are working on the Lower Level of the Outer Ward. I added some more art and I hope you all enjoy it.  These actually require a lot of editing, but I will be surprised if it doesn't come out sometime next week.

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