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44 MUSIC ROOM. If the characters enter through the double door, they will see a young woman turn to look at them, then climb out through one of the four open windows in the north wall which open into the Throne Room (Room 48) of the Ground Level. If the characters enter the room through different means, vary the encounter accordingly.

Valphebe, Neutral human female Thief (AC 10; MV 12”; T3; hp 8; #AT 1; D Short sword or dart; S 8, I 13, W 12, D 17, C 11, Ch 12; XP 117)

Thief skills
PP 45%, OL 43% F/RT 30% MS 32% HS 25% HN 15% CW 87% RL -

She wears leather armor and carries a short sword and 5 darts. In her pack are thieves' tools, a silver holy symbol to the God of Thieves (30 gold crescent value), 95 gold crescents, and a wrought silver and gold necklace (240 gold crescents).

The rest of Valphebe's adventuring party has succumbed to the dungeon and she is trying to get out. If unmolested, she will climb down into the Throne Room and attempt to escape the castle through the Outer Ward Ground Level. She is normally a happy-go-lucky person but is currently very scared.

The room is crowded with chairs and musical instruments. Three large stained glass windows are to the east and three large tapestries are on the east wall.

Three harps, a lute, and numerous flutes are here, but each has been smashed and is quite unusable. A drum has been smashed open and contains a rotting human head.

The tapestries are each valued at between 151 and 250 (2d100+50) gold crescents and each weigh about 500 gp weight.

The stained glass windows shows scenes of musicians entertaining with ladies dancing.

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