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33 TIZIANO'S ROOM. The door to this room is locked. This was Tiziano Triskelion's bedchamber. Tiziano was once a famous general and the leading force in several war campaigns. He retired to live in the castle among his family, and passed away before the troubles began. That is why Rooms 32 to 34 have been placed out of commission.

In the center of the room is a small round table and several high-backed chairs. Sitting in the chairs and facing the door are three fungoid zombies, who will rise and attack.

3 Fungoid Zombies (AC 8; MV 9”; HD 2+1; hp 15, 9, 10; #AT 1; D 1-8; SA Disease; SD Regenerate 1-4 hit points each round; XP 105, 78, 81)

All three are males wearing black Triskelion livery. These were servants and fled here after being infected, eventually succumbing to the affliction.

The cracks and crevasses of the room have become colonized by a purple fungus, which has released its spores into the air. Because of the huge concentration of spores, anyone entering the room must save versus poison or be overcome by immediate intense hallucinations, which will last for as long as the character is in the room and for another 1 to 4 rounds after leaving.

Character is in the middle of the ocean. Strips off an armor to keep from sinking, moves arms and legs as if swimming.
Scores of talking pimples erupt on the individual's skin. Character must talk to them to learn their wisdom.
All possessions have turned to green slime. Character must drop them before they infect him or her.
The world has sped up. Character acts as though slowed, but is otherwise alright.
The character's skin has turned to liquid. Reaches down to scrape it back up and put it on his or her body.
Everyone else has turned into the walking dead!
A purple worm has erupted through the floor. Character must attack it in preference to anything else.
The ceiling is descended. Character hides under furniture so as not to be crushed.
The air has turned to fruit juice. Character is preoccupied with drinking it up.
Character is a powerful wizard. If he or she really is a spellcaster, they will begin casting random spells. If they are not, they will just pretend to.
Character is on a sheer cliff, must hold on to keep from plunging to his or her death.
Character is strangely confident. +2 to hit and saving throws for an hour.

Feel free to add more in the same vein if the above do not prove numerous enough.

Hanging strapped to a wooden shield on the north wall are two crossed bastard swords. A fireplace is to the southwest and the west wall holds a beautiful stained glass window depicting Tiziano's three-headed eagle. The other furniture: a bed, dressers, nightstands, etc. have been covered with thick white cloths.

The bastard swords mounted on the wall are quite valuable. One is gem encrusted and worth 450 gold crescents. The second has a jade set into its pommel and the sword appears to be worth 100 gold crescents but it is in fact a bastard sword +2.

The water closet to the south is carpeted, but otherwise unremarkable. Oddly, it is free of the purple fungus.

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