Tuesday, November 25, 2014


50 RED ROOM. The door to this room is painted red. The ceiling and floor are flat black, while the walls are painted in shades of red in an irregular, chaotic pattern.

An upright standing iron brazier burns with great intensity in the center of the room. Three large iron urns are arranged around the brazier.

A soot terror resides in each urn. Should the brazier or one of the urns be disturbed, the soot terrors will billow forth and attack.

3 Soot Terrors (AC 0; MV 9”; HD 3; hp 18, 15, 14; #AT 1; D 3-8; SA Surprise on a 1-3; SD Magic weapon to hit; MR 30%; XP 174, 165, 162)

Beneath some coals at the bottom of the brazier is an ornate red key. It will take a full turn before it will be cool enough to handle with bare skin. Together with the blue, yellow, and green keys it will open the red door to Room 53.

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