Wednesday, May 28, 2014


17 CONFECTIONARY. There is a brick oven against the east wall. Dozens of brightly colored wooden boxes are on the floor. A large table hold several weapons and a huge barrel is in the northeast corner. The west wall holds a jury rigged weapon's rack holding numerous weapons. A pile of supplies and three chests are near the south wall. The walls hold cressets and torches, but none are lit.

The colorful wooden boxes on the floor are labeled as supplies of spices, syrup, honey, sugar, and other sweets, but no actual candy is here because the Red Legs are using the room as a weapons locker.

There are six short bows, four long bows, and eleven empty quivers on the table. Supplies of wood and gut are here along with feathers and wooden shafts for making more bows and arrows.

The barrel holds four hundred and twelve arrows.

On the weapon rack there are sixteen glaives, four scimitars, three short swords, twelve daggers, and a footman's flail.

The supplies against the south wall are six sets of man-sized leather armor, fifteen shields, six shovels, and three hooded lanterns.

The first chest holds five hundred feet of rope, fifty two iron spikes, a box of colored chalks, and seventeen white candles.

The second chest is locked and holds sixteen flasks of oil in straw, a bag of 55 gold crescents, a tinderbox, and a set of thieves tools in a leather case.

The final chest holds twenty caltrops, ten feet of cord, thirteen bottles of red wine and sixty seven torches.

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