Tuesday, May 27, 2014


16 BREWERY. It is obvious that this room is still in use, as the wonderful scent of fresh beer is strong. In fact, four Red Legs are currently making beer here.

Brewmaster Poleson, Lawful Evil male human fighter (AC 9; MV 12”; F3; hp 19; #AT 1; D Mash paddle +3 to damage due to strength; S 18/12, I 14, W 13, D 14, C 14, Ch 13; XP 136)

The brewmaster is a very large man with sandy hair and a giant moustache. He fights with a mash paddle, treat as a club. He has a pouch containing 42 gold crescents, 12 silver spanners, and 6 copper pieces.

Brigand 1 (AC 9; MV 12”; HD 1-6 hit points; hp 4; #AT 1; D Short sword; XP 9) leather apron, 5 silver spanners, 8 copper pieces

Brigand 2 (AC 9; MV 12”; HD 1-6 hit points; hp 2; #AT 1; D Short sword or dart; XP 7) leather apron, 6 darts, 6 silver spanners, 9 copper pieces

Brigand 3 (AC 9; MV 12”; HD 1-6 hit points; hp 5; #AT 1; D Scimitar; XP 10) leather apron, 8 silver spanners, 21 copper pieces

The Red Legs leather aprons give them a base AC of 9. The room is well lit by torches on the walls and there are four monstrous vats. Barrels hold ingredients for making beer, such as hops and yeast. A pump faucet is in the east wall, sharing its water supply with Room 15. Stairs go down to the wine cellar, Room 11 of The Cellars.

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