Sunday, February 23, 2014


9 QUARTERMASTER'S BEDROOM. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. Lurking inside is the dead quartermaster and his wife, who have been infected with a parasitic fungus which has taken them over. They are fungoid zombies (hp 13 and 10, see NEW MONSTERS). They look much like a zombies, but purple tendrils of fungus have broken open their skulls, flowering out in a horrible fashion.

There are four large windows, whose shutters are open, allowing the sunlight from the enchanted garden (Room 56 of First Floor) to shine in. There is a large bed with purple sheets and blankets, a pair of dressers, a hamper, and an armoire. Four silver daggers are mounted on the south wall, forming a diamond pattern.

The bedsheets are ruined by fungal growth. The dressers and hamper hold clothing, although it has been likewise ruined.  In the armoire is a small locked wooden chest. It contains 17 gold crescents, 23 silver spanners, 42 copper pieces, and a Triskelion dagger (see NEW MAGIC ITEMS). The quartermaster coveted the dagger and stole it from Ruggero Triskelion (see Rooms 24 to 26 of this level).

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