Thursday, February 27, 2014


13 PAYMASTER'S BEDROOM. The door to this room is locked. A comfortable bed is here, with plain white sheets and yellow blankets. There is a wardrobe, two red padded chairs, and a table. The Three windows in the east wall are shuttered so tightly that only a sliver of light comes from each.

The paymaster, in the form of a shadow (hp 12) lurks beneath the bed. He was killed by looters after the paychest. When he attacks, he will surprise on a 4 in 6 chance.

The wardrobe contains uniforms and clothing and a small wooden chest holds a key (opens the vault in Room 29 Ground Level Inner Ward), a scroll of protection from devils, 13 gold crescents, 23 silver spanners, and 61 copper pieces.

The table holds two glasses and three bottles of red wine. One has been opened and is ruined, but the other two are in good condition are worth 2 gold crescents each.

The three windows are shuttered, but if opened or broken the magic sunlight from the enchanted garden will destroy the shadow.

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