Saturday, February 22, 2014


8 QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE. This office holds a large wooden desk and a comfortable green padded chair. Two smaller wooden chairs sit in front of the desk. Several wooden shelves hold heavy books. On the north wall there is a mounted display holding knives. The entire east wall is made of frosted glass, excluding the wooden door. Light passes through, but one cannot clearly see through it. Nevertheless, the adventurers will be able to detect the shadowy outlines of the creepy denizens of Room 9 as they stumble about.

The desk holds quills and ink. The shelves hold ledgers recording allocations of goods to various castle residents. The quartermaster's hobby was collecting rare knives. There are twelve exotic knives on display, worth a total of 85 gold crescents if sold together as a set, individually worth between 4 and 7 (d4+3) gold crescents if sold separately.

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