Saturday, November 3, 2018


110 ZADO'S BEDROOM. Zado is the murmillo leader.

Zado, Lawful Evil male human Fighter (AC 6; MV 12”; F9; hp 59; #AT 3/2; D Short sword +3 or dagger +2 to damage due to strength; SD +3 to saving throws; XP 2176)

Zado wears a murmillo style great helm depicting a stylized effigy of his own bearded face. His magic short sword is unusual in that it gives the bearer +3 to all saving throws. He always carries two daggers. He never bothers to carry wealth, but does keep his room key, his treasure chest key, and a silver whistle (10 gold crescent value) on a chain around his neck.

He keeps a hell hound who is usually on guard in his room. It has no personal loyalty to Zado but is trained to follow commands given by Zado's whistle.

Hell Hound (AC 4; MV 12”; HD 6; hp 29; #AT 1 bite; D 1-10; SA Breathe fire (1 hp/HD), surprise on 1-4; SD Only surprised on a 1, see invisible (50%); XP 524)

A locked treasure chest holds the following:
  • 1547 gold crescents
  • 989 silver spanners
  • A small sack holding 56 copper pieces
  • A small sack holding 14 Sealean gold harps, three amethysts (200 gold crescents each), and a red-brown spinel (125 gold crescents)
  • A silver coffer (valued at 50 gold crescents) holding a wrought gold necklace (550 gold crescents) and an ivory statuette of a woman holding a vase (3000 gold crescents)

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