Friday, January 5, 2018


33VVVV CRYPT. Sitting on a throne is a minor death (like from the deck of many things) wearing a brown hooded robe. On his lap is a wooden box.

Minor Death (AC -4; MV 12"; HD 7; hp 33; #AT 1 scythe; D 2-16; SA Always strikes first in a round, never misses, those killed by a minor death are permanently dead; SD Limited spell immunity, immune to fire, cold, and electricity; XP 1530)

Inside the box is a pair of dice, three gems (ruby, diamond, and sapphire, each worth 5000 gold crescents) and a golden skull the size of an apple. This last item is the top portion of the staff of necromancy.

The minor death doesn't want to fight (although it will if attacked). Instead it wants to play craps (or any other dice game the DM is familiar with).

Each time its opponent wins, it will give up one of its treasures. Every time the minor death wins, one of the character's items of similar value will magically be transported into the box (or next to the throne if it is large). The minor death is only willing to dice with characters that have items sufficiently valuable to make it worth its while.

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