Wednesday, January 31, 2018


21 BLOOD BANK. Dull metal filing cabinets line the walls. A table holds a large glass container with a clear fluid and a tap to dispense its liquid.

The filing cabinets contain samples of blood from animals, people, and monsters. All normal types of animal are represented (cattle, dogs, cats, fish, frogs, birds, etc.) In addition there is a chance for a monster's blood to be present based upon its frequency type. 95% chance for common monsters, 50% chance for uncommon monsters, 15% chance for rare monsters, and 5% for very rare monsters. No samples from unique, non-living, or plant-based monsters are present (golems, undead, shambling mounds, etc.)

The glass jug holds about a gallon of anticoagulant, harmless if ingested but causing fatal bleeding if injected into the bloodstream.

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