Tuesday, January 30, 2018


20 EAST LABORATORY. The room is painted white and the ceiling glows with a bright white light at all times. There are three large black-topped counters (like in a kitchen) against the walls and fume hood that is giving off a constant 'whooshing' sound.

The fume hood is wood on bottom and has a glass window in front to protect against splashes. It holds alchemical glassware with residues of many colors and odors.

The first counter holds a sink and a small device. The sink has hot and cold water taps and a third tap that dispenses vat media, up to about a liter before turning itself off. Next to the sink is a device resembling a waffle iron, but with an imprint resembling a human right hand. If a hand is placed inside and the top is closed, the device iill take a small blood and tissue sample. This does no damage and the wound will be covered by a small blue adhesive bandage. The first person who does this will have a homonculous grow within a special vat under the device, it will emerge in 1d10 hours and go looking for its master. After this the device will be out of power and materials and shut itself down for good.

The second counter holds a shelf and an oven. The shelf has labeled acids in glass containers with glass stoppers: aqua regia, black dragon spittle, green slime, and giant slug juice. The three glass containers are specially made and worth 50 gold crescents each, or double that to an alchemist or certain sages. The oven holds two small blueberry cakes, made by the laughing Triskelions from Room 19. Nest to the oven is a mess of flour and berries left by the untidy Triskelions.

Small Green Slime (AC 8; MV 0”; HD 1; hp 4; #AT 1 (drip); D Turn to slime in 1-4 rounds; SA Corrosive properties; XP 309)

The third counter holds metal tools and a dozen partially made vats of the type used to incubate vat creatures. These are miniature and of many styles, but do not work.

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