Thursday, September 28, 2017


33A ENTRANCE HALL. Upon entering this hall, the party will be greeted by an obsequious though transparent, servant. This is Oldroyd, the butler of Hollow House. He is about seven feet tall, very thin and has no color to him, only shades of grey. He is dressed impeccably.

He will offer to take the parties hats and coats, but if anyone actually hands him anything, the item will fall through his semi-corporeal hands and to the floor. Apologizing profusely, he will attempt to pick up the item, having great difficulty as he tries to make his hands solid enough to grasp things. He will hang items on a wall peg, avoiding the coat closet. He will not engage the party in combat, even if they attempt to fight him.

Oldroyd, Restless Dead (AC 0; MV 9”; HD 10; hp 48; #AT 0; D Nil; SD Limited spell immunity; XP -)

The thing is that Oldroyd doesn't realize he is dead. He exists only when a person enters the room, so he doesn't experience time the way that mortals do. He is immune to spells that target the mind, such as sleep, charm, and hold. He will not leave the room.

If anyone tries to open the coat closet door, Oldroyd will become agitated, though he doesn't know why. If the door is opened, Oldroyd's physical and very dead body will fall out of it, with a jewelled silver dagger (800 gold crescents value) sticking out of his back. He has been dead for some years and the body is a dried husk, though the features are clearly those of Oldroyd.

Should Oldroyd see his body, as seems inevitable if the door is opened, he will turn white (as a ghost). As he comes to the realization that he has died, he will start to slowly implode, first his face crumpling in, then a black void appearing in his head and his body being sucked into it. He has gone to his rest.

The furniture is antique and rather brittle. Tattered tapestries show the Triskelion coat of arms and the coat of arms of Hollow House, a dancing skeleton on a red field. Nothing else of value is in the room.
e of value is in the room.

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