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31X FANG FAIRY. This is the Fang Fairy's office and it is decorated in tooth and mouth-related paintings, sculptures, and bric-a-brac, all of which is garish and worthless. The Fang Fairy sits behind a large desk. Two of her underlings sit at smaller desks in front of her. If not immediately attacked, the assistants Hitchard and Gred will inquire if the adventurers have an appointment while the Fang Fairy pretends to be engrossed in paperwork, studiously ignoring the interruption. All three are rude and self-important, although Hitchard and Gred are properly deferential to their msitress.

The Fang Fairy (AC 5; MV 9”/18”; HD 6; hp 28; #AT 1; D Dagger; SA Gaze turns to dental enamel, wand of magic missiles; XP 893)

The Fang Fairy wears a white mask that mimics the face of a beautiful woman, but it comes off as creepy. She has insect like wings and a wand of magic missiles (70 charges, command word “Brat a tat”). Her voice is sickly sweet and she calls people by spurious nicknames like “Widdlebottoms” and “Flopsy-Lopsy”. She tricked Toplino (see Room 31Y) into captivity and took over his job of taking teeth from children, although she doesn't give coins to the children like Topolino did, and she eats the teeth instead of storing them.

She prefers to fight from afar using her wand, but if given a real fight, she will remove her mask, revealing a snarling face that would show great pulchritude if it was not always twisted into a sneer . She has the ability to petrify, as a medusa, but those she petrifies turn into dental enamel instead of stone.

Her two assistants are two evil dentists that worked for Toplino, but that she seduced to her side with the promise of riches and power. Due to the supernatural corrupting influence of the Fang Fairy, each now has the head of an animal. Each carries 3d20 gold crescents and 4d20 silver spanners.

Hitchard and Gred (AC 8; MV 12”; HD 3; hp 14, 15; #AT 1; D Long sword; SA See below; XP 92, 95)

Hitchard has the head of an overweight balding cat. Once per round, he can spit out a kitten, aimed at a character's face. If Hitchard hits an opponent, the character must save vs petrification or the kitten will steal the victim's tongue (this is painless due to magic) and start playing with it.

Gred has the warty head of a gray bullfrog. Once per round he can spit out a fat gray frog, aimed at a character 's face. If Gred hits an opponent, the character must save vs petrification or the frog will lodge in their throat, causing one point of damage each round, until the character spends an entire round inducing vomiting.

If Hitchard and Gred are defeated their kittens and frogs will turn into normal creatures. Tongues can be reattached without special magic.

Behind her desk, the Fang Fairy keeps her paychest for the molar bears. It currently holds
3206 silver spanners. Her dagger is made of a narwhal horn and worth 300 gold crescents. Her mask is made of silver and rare ivory and worth 3000 gold crescents.

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