Friday, August 12, 2016


17 HONEST STUCKY'S STAKE. This cave is inhabited by an old miner.

Honest Stucky, Neutral male human Fighter (AC 6; MV 12”; F7; hp 64, #AT 3/2; D Honest Stucky's magic pick or spear +1 to damage due to strength; S 17, I 7, W 17, D 17, C 18, Ch 15; XP 1368)

Stucky is a friendly fellow. He has a long gray beard and is barefoot. He wears a dirty gray shirt, deerskin pants, and Honest Stucky's Magic Flop Hat. He calls everyone 'chum' and usually ends a string of sentences with the tacked-on word 'buggy'. He carries Honest Stucky's Magic Pick and an ordinary spear which he has turned into a fishing pole. He has given gifts to the three froglodyte wangateurs on this level and they have each given him a giant frog skin pass on string which allows him to pass most froglodytes unmolested.

Honest Stucky has staked a claim to this cave and he is looking for gold. So far he has 963 gold crescents worth of gold nuggets. He also has camping gear (bedroll, frying pan, waterskins, flint and steel , rope, and other necessities).

If not attacked, he will invite the party to share a meal with him (fish, beef jerky, beans) and he has a jug of low-quality moonshine to boot. He will not share his claim to the cave but he found some pretty blue stones (6 uncut sapphires base value 1000 gold crescents each) which the party is welcome to, if they ask him nicely. He is a good source of information about this level.

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