Monday, March 9, 2015


8 ROOM OF THE MOUTH. A tremendous slobbering human-like mouth is in the center of the ceiling. It will attempt to grab adventurers with its long sticky blue-purple tongue.

Giant Mouth (AC 10; MV 0”; HD 20; hp 101; #AT 1 tongue; D Paralyzation; SA Grab and chew for 1d8; SD Regenerate 2 hit points each round; XP 11630)

The mouth is actually a magic mouth that has gone feral. It will use its tongue to try to grab adventurers and drag them to its orifice. It can make only one attack per round, but upon being struck by its tongue, the victim must succeed on a saving throw versus paralyzation or suffer paralysis.

If he victim is paralyzed, or in any case if the mouth makes an attack that succeeds by greater than 4 than it requires on its “to hit” roll, the victim is grabbed an will be brought to the mouth to be chewed for 1d8 damage. The mouth can only fit creatures up to about the size of a donkey or ogre. The individual will then be deposited in Room 52 on the Third and a Half Floor.

The hit points represent those of the tongue, which can regenerate 2 hit points per round. If the tongue is destroyed the mouth is dispelled. The fleshy lips can be attacked (as AC 10) if targeted and will appear to bleed, but all such damage is cosmetic only. The magic mouth can also be dispelled by a dispel magic spell, but treat it as being cast by a 24th level magic-user.

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