Wednesday, February 25, 2015


74 FRESCOES. The door to this room is breached. A three foot diameter circular hole with smooth edges is present about one foot from floor level. Within the room is the cause of the destruction, an eight foot long worm with green skin, looking much like a miniature purple worm, but lacking the stinger on the tail.

Green Worm (AC 4; MV 9”; HD 6; hp 31; #AT 1 bite; D 2-8 damage; SA Acidic saliva for an additional 1-6 damage; Size L; XP 411)

This room is decorated with painted frescoes on the plaster walls and ceiling. The west wall is decorated with a large tree, with animals, men, demi-humans, and humanoids living in its branches.

The inside of the door and the east wall is decorated with a mountain range with dragons and other bizarre creatures flying about and giants fighting below.

The north wall is painted as an ocean with whales, mermen, and sea monsters frolicking about.

The south wall is painted as a pastoral paradise with herd animals, shepherds, and villages, along with satyrs and nymphs hidden in hard-to-spot areas. A road winds through the scene and upon the road is a thin man in a gray cloak holding a scroll. The man's face cannot be seen, but the scroll can be read by a person using eyes of minute seeing, or other means that the Dungeon Master allows.  It holds the wish spell.

The ceiling is magical. At night, it glows with small glowing stars, while during the daylight hours a sun will be present. If adventurers leave the room and come back, the sun will have moved, although it will not move while anyone is present.


  1. You should do a small capsule on the new gods in your campaign setting, you've already mentioned Samoht and Mordag by name sure but us DMs want more details! Also I haven't mentioned this before but I feel in theory a solo multiclass character could easily clear out the dungeon, provided careful play is present on the player's part.
    Groaning Spirit

  2. Yes, I have been planning to do that, just have to find the time.