Sunday, February 15, 2015


64 ORSO'S HERB GARDEN. The door to this room is unusually stout, but not particularly difficult to open. This is a garden terrace under an open sky. To the south is a four foot high metal bannister and planted before it is a barrier of holly bushes in large red pots. In the east wall is a cold water pump. The floor is tiled in gray slate and the walls are the same type of gray dressed stone as the exterior of the castle. In addition to several buckets, extra clay pots, and gardening tools, the area contains several wooden tables holding labeled potted plants. All of the plants listed in Appendix J of the Dungeon Master's Guide can be found here. They are all quite alive and doing well, and indeed, any plants placed or planted in this area will grow at an accelerated and remarkable pace until they reach full bloom, at which point they will maintain their state of good health, regardless of maintenance.

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