Tuesday, March 25, 2014


39 GOBLIN MAGE'S ROOM. The door to this room features the face of a bull, in relief, done in iron. The door is capable of being locked, but is not. It is the home of the talon goblin mage and his pet war dog (hp 8).

Ulixes, third level male talon goblin CE magic user (AC 5 hp 11 S 12 I 16 W 11 D 10 C 12 CH 10)

First Level Magic user Spells:
Magic Missile, Shield

Second Level Magic User Spells:
Audible Glamer

Ulixes carries a silver dagger, the key to his room (graced with a bull head design), the key to room 41 (owl head design), and two pouches. The first contains contains 33 gold crescents and topaz worth 100 gold crescents. The second holds three packets of powdered brass used for the Push spell and two lumps of red wax used for the Audible Glamer spell. He wears purple robes and ring of protection +1.

Ulixes is the nominal leader of the goblins in the inn, although he is not as popular as he hopes to be. If given the opportunity, he may ally with the party, although he is deceitful and treacherous. His main goal is to defeat his rival Straglietti (Outer Ward Ground Floor Room 61) and unite the talon goblins himself. Of course, given the fractious nature of talon goblins, such a plan is most likely doomed to failure.

The room is decorated in purple with drapes and bolts of purple cloth haphazardly scattered about the place. There are five large glass windows. The bed has purple bedsheets, blankets and pillow case. A nightstand holds an ornate clear crystal lens in a silver band (valued at 15 gold crescents) which can be used for the Read Magic spell.

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