Thursday, March 6, 2014


20 CORNER ROOM. The windows, three to the northwest and two to the south, are broken, letting in a breeze which can sometimes make this room cold. A mounted Triskelion shield is on the west wall. A standing set on antique man-sized black iron platemail is in the southeast corner, holding a black iron halberd. Both are in good condition and can be used, but the mail has the Triskelion design on its breastplate.

The Triskelion shield features three white legs radiating from a central point on a black field. Turning the Triskelion legs like a wheel (either direction) will release the catch and a secret door will slide open of its own volition. It leads to Room 2 of the Second Floor of The Inner Ward. The door can also be opened from the secret corridor, a simple handle serving that purpose.

The long passage that connects this room to Room 22 is crenelated and open to the sky.

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