Saturday, March 8, 2014


This shortsword is rumored to have belonged to the fabled hero Lofnar. It is fashioned from a strange bluish purple metal. The grip is black leather and the pommel features the face of a lion. Written in black letters on the blade is the word “Lofnar”. It has the following characteristics:
  • Intelligence of 12 and ego of 7, neutral good
  • +1 sword, but in the hands of a neutral good person it is always +3 to hit as well
  • It can communicate through a strange form of telepathy (if it chooses) and sounds like a young child, though it can only “talk” when being held by the grip
  • The user may also detect magic in a 1” radius for one turn, twice a day
  • Anyone holding the sword is also capable of talking with Lofnar's dragon
  • Unlike many other magic swords, it does not shed light


GP VALUE: 4,000

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