Sunday, May 4, 2014


8 ENTRANCE TO OUTDOOR STABLE. The walls are paneled in oak and the floor is littered with straw. The east wall holds a set of metal doors which once led to an outdoor wooden stable. This building has since mostly burned down, so the doors have bulged inwards into the room due to the huge amount of blackened timbers pressing against them from the other side.

Any attempt to open the doors (knock spell or bend bars/ lift gates strength roll, for instance) will cause a crushing load of burnt timbers and beams to fall upon anyone in five feet or so of the doors, unless they make a saving throw versus petrification to dodge out of the way in the nick of time. Damage is 4-24 to anyone caught by such a calamity.

It would be possible to clear the debris, given the dedicated attention of a large group working for perhaps a week straight. The stairs lead up to Room 44 of the Ground Level.

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