Wednesday, May 14, 2014


3 KITCHEN. The doors to Room 2 are locked from this side. Two brigands are on guard here. They are playing dice and not paying attention, so they will be surprised on a 1-3, unless the characters make a lot of noise breaking down the doors.

Brigand 1 (AC 8; MV 12”; HD 1-6 hit points; hp 5; #AT 1; D short sword; XP 10) leather armor, 7 silver spanners, 6 copper pieces

Brigand 2 (AC 8; MV 12”; HD 1-6 hit points; hp 2; #AT 1; D scimitar; XP 7) leather armor, 4 silver spanners, 2 copper pieces

These men wear strips of red cloth tied about their lower legs, identifying them as members of the infamous Red Legs.

There are three large brick ovens, about a dozen metal and wood work tables, two freestanding butcher blocks, and many wooden cabinets. There are large numbers of cooking utensils, pots, and pans hanging from hooks. The large room has stone floors and dressed stone walls. Candle sconces with mirrored backs provided lighting at night. A pump faucet and animal skin hose in the west wall dispenses cold water. Three piles of firewood are here. The stairs go down to Room 1 of The Cellars.

The wooden cabinets contain ingredients such as flour, spices, sugar, etc. Most of these are still good while others are stale, rotten, or otherwise unusable.

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