Friday, May 16, 2014


5 BED CHAMBER. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. This room was originally the living quarters of the head cook, but it is now being used by a half orc member of the Red Legs.

Hamek, Chaotic Evil female half orc fighter (AC 4; MV 9”; F2; hp 9; #AT 1; D broadsword or silver dagger +1 to damage due to strength; S 16, I 10, W 10, D 13, C 16, Ch 9; XP 62)

She wears chain mail and uses a shield. She has a pouch with 17 gold crescents, 3 silver spanners, 14 copper pieces, the key to the footlocker, the key to this door, and a turquoise gem worth 10 gold crescents. Like the brigands in Room 3, she wears red strips of cloth around her lower legs.

This room is paneled in oak and papered over in white. The floor is wood with a muddy oval red rug. There is a messy bed, a lit candelabra, and a footlocker. The footlocker is locked and contains a bag with 43 silver spanners and a normal dagger.

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