Monday, May 12, 2014

Brief Introduction to the Inner Ward

I am starting the Inner Ward today and it might be useful for readers to get a look ahead at what is in store. In the Inner Ward there are 8 levels (including sub-levels) with a total of 328 keyed rooms/areas for an average of 41 rooms per level.  There is a Ground Level, First through Fifth Floors, and two sub-levels underground.  The sub-levels are between the Ground Level and the true dungeon levels which will be described later.  Also present are a series of tunnels and passageways which the giant rats use to move about.

The Ground Level has two factions: the hobgoblins led by Vicenne Triskelion (Ground Level, Room 47), and the brigands led by a human fighter named Sandrina Nicostrato (Cellars, Room 11).  Parts of the hobgoblin/ Vicenne Triskelion faction have been encountered already in the Outer Ward.

The upper floors contain living space and bedrooms for the Triskelion family members. There are miscellaneous encounters, although the second floor is supposed to be especially haunted and there are large numbers of undead to be found here. The fourth and fifth floors of the east tower are the residence and workrooms of a powerful wizards.

Some mysteries encountered in the Outer Ward will be explained and new mysteries will be encountered. Of course, there will be new monsters and new magic items as well.

Is everyone able to see the maps? If they need to be placed on a different platform let me know. If you have any other questions shoot me an email or post a comment.

Happy adventuring!

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