Tuesday, May 13, 2014


2 FEAST HALL. This monstrously huge room was used for large scale dining. There is a central depression which is another fifteen feet below the floor level and the ceiling height of this area is also greater than the outer rim. The ceiling height of the outer rim is twenty feet, while the ceiling height of the central area is thity eight feet above the door level, or fifty three above the depressed floor.

The depressed area can be reached by several staircases scattered about the room. A wooden rail also wraps around the area to prevents falls. The outer rim is floored in stone blocks and the lower area has a floor of strong wooden beams. There are many wooden benches and tables scattered throughout the area, but other portions are bare, as these pieces have been taken by the Red Legs to use as firewood and for their own furniture. Forty three antler horn chandeliers hang from the ceiling, five are missing, crashed in the depressed area. Small open arched windows are allow persons on the First Floor in Rooms 1, 3, and 61 to look into this space.

The stairs in the northwest corner ascend to a corridor near Room 5 on the First Floor. The door leading to the cooks and scullery maids quarters (Rooms 5 to 8 on this floor) is barred from the inside by a plank of wood. The doors to Room 3 are locked from the Kitchen's side. These are all precautions taken by the Red Legs to keep out monsters.

The site designated 'X' refers to a leak of cold water raining down from Room 8 on the First Floor. The leak is a steady drip causing a large puddle. It has not yet flooded into the depressed area. There are six huge stained glass windows in the north wall and thirteen more in the the east wall depicted battles between men, giants, dragons, and similar fantastic creatures.

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