Sunday, May 11, 2014


15 OGRE'S BEDCHAMBER. This room has a ceiling height of fifteen feet.

There is a rough bed, a huge wooden chest, and a collection of supplies in the northwest corner of the room. Four fat geese hang by their necks from a rope.

The chest contains only 14 gold crescents and a red garnet (100 gold crescents value). This is where Sizemore usually puts his satchel away when he rests.

The other contents of the room in the northwest corner are: four bottles of oil, the front legs of a goat (uncooked), four spears, a scimitar, a skeletal human head in a dented great helm, three large smooth river stones, and a silver and ivory drinking horn (worth 120 gold crescents).

Alara Knacktha's equipment has been placed here as well: a hammer, a suit of dwarven sized chainmail, a backpack with six iron rations, a purse with 14 silver khurams, an extra set of leather boots, forty feet of rope, eating and bathing utensils, a labeled potion of healing (blue, tastes like butterscotch), and twenty rolled bandages.

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