Sunday, December 16, 2018


152 TOMB OF A RUEFUL WARRIOR. A heavy stone sarcophagus ornamented with a figure in imposing armor and great helm dominates the center of the room. Gaudy, faded, and torn banners, trophies, and plaques disgrace rather than decorate the walls with their shabbiness.

A spectre haunts the room, hateful of all life and inwardly regretful of his life of bloodshed and forgotten glory. It has the shape of a thick set and muscular man with gladiator-style armor and a sinister helmet that matches the image on the sarcophagus. It will float up from its sarcophagus when the room is entered.

Spectre (AC 2; MV 15”/30”; HD 7+3; hp 37; #AT 1; D 1-8; SA Energy drain; SD Magic weapons to hit, limited spell immunity; XP 1470)

One of the squalid trophies on a shelf on the wall holds 360 gold chain links and three sun-rubies. The chain links are each worth 2 gold crescents. The sun-rubies are tiny yellow gems that glow with an inner light like fire and are each worth 500 gold crescents, even though they are each only the size of a fingernail. One of the rods holding a tattered banners is actually a spear +2, which has the added ability of allowing its owner protection from normal missiles, as the third level magic-user spell, as long as it is held in both hands.