Monday, December 3, 2018


140 SPEAKEASY. A handsome well dressed man in a turban with a rakish moustache and goatee tends bar while a beautiful woman with giant insect-like wings sips wine from an exotic looking glass. They are actually a noble djinn and a sylph.

Ajbar the Noble Djinn (AC 2; MV 9”/24”; HD 10; hp 47; #AT 1; D 3-24; SA Whirlwind, magic use, SD Resist air-based damage; XP 2608)

In addition to the statistics given above and all the powers of a normal djinn Ajbar can create as much food and alcoholic beverages as he desires. He usually makes it look like he is dispensing drinks from his pointer finger, as a matter of style.

He was tricked by Auguste Triskelion into giving up a magic blue diamond that contains a part of Ajbar's essence 22 years ago. Now he is trapped here serving drinks for the next 78 years out of a 100 year agreement. If he can get back this gem, he will be freed and will grant a wish to every surviving character who brings it to him. The gem is located on Level 8 in Room 19, but Ajbar doesn't know where it is.

Ariel the Sylph (AC 9 (5 while invisible); MV 12”/36”; HD 3; hp 19; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Spell use; magic; SD Invisibility; MR 50%; XP 382)

First Level Magic User Spells
Charm Person, Dancing Lights, Protection From Evil, Shocking Grasp

Second Level Magic User Spells
Continual Light, Knock, Mirror Image

Third Level Magic User Spells
Dispel Magic, Gust of Wind

Fourth Level Magic User Spells
Ice Storm

Ariel is his friend and visits for as long as she can bear staying this deep underground. She does not need to use spell components or spend time re-memorizing her spells each day like a human magic-user. Her helm of teleportation looks like a princesses tiara and she carries a potion of human control (blue, tastes like blueberries, no odor) in a crystal flask on her belt. If she and Ajbar are seriously threatened she will go invisible and summon an air elemental. She will teleport away if she is in serious danger of dying.

The room is furnished as an impeccably clean, fashionable, and comfortable bar. Even if the party does not intend to help free Ajbar, he is duty-bound to give them all the free drinks and food that they wish.

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