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145 TO 152 TOMB OF THE FALLEN. This area holds special darkness. Light works but normal light such as torches and lanterns only radiate five feet. Magical light extends up to ten feet. The edge of the darkness extends and contracts apparently randomly, occasionally collapsing almost to the light source before retreating in a hurry. If any person enters the area without a light source they will feel a slowly increasing coldness and have 1d3 hit points sucked out per turn. Creatures that are not alive are immune to this phenomenon. Exorcising the Wretched Fallen will eliminate the darkness and damage effects.

Do not use normal random encounters in this area. Instead there is a 10% chance per turn of encountering the Wretched Green Fallen.

Wretched Fallen (AC 0; MV 12”; HD 10; hp 55; #AT 1d4+6; D 1-8 each; SD Limited spell immunity, magic weapon to hit; XP 3020)

When the Fallen appears it begins as a pinpoint green light just above the floor. It slowly grows into a howling spherical mass of distorted tortured faces and limbs about ten to fourteen feet in diameter. It attacks with spectral weapons common to gladiators such as short swords and tridents. It can make 1d4+6 attacks per round and its variable shape means that it can attack characters up to twenty feet apart.

It takes two rounds to become strong enough to attack, during which time it can be attacked itself but only by spells or weapons of +3 or greater, as it is still extremely insubstantial. On the third round, it has gathered sufficient strength that it can attack normally and any magic weapon can strike it.

It is immune to spells that do not affect undead. It cannot be turned in Rooms 145 to 152 and because it cannot cross the Arch Of Bones at Area 145, it will never become susceptible[tible to clerical turning. It represents the souls of all the gladiators and slaves slaughtered in the arena and buried within this area.

If defeated, the Wretched Fallen is not destroyed, but will remain dormant for 1d4 turns, a period in which it will not be encountered. After this time it will revert to its normal 10% chance per turn. It can only be permanently removed by exorcism.

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