Tuesday, September 18, 2018


64 BEDROOM. The small room to the north is a closet. Within is a three foot square metal safe.

Yellow ribbon is wrapped around the safe with the words “DO NOT OPEN” in black block letters. The safe is unlocked and holds three gold bars (150 gold crescents each) and a glass flask with a red wax stopper holding violently churning green smoke.

If the flask is opened, the green smoke will flow out and condense into an angry quasit.

Quasit (AC 2; MV 15”; HD 3; hp 15; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite; D 1-2/1-2/1-4; SA Attack poison causes dexterity loss (1/hit), magic use; SD Regenerate 1 hit point each round, magic, cold iron, or black iron weapon to hit, immune to magical cold, fire and electricity, save versus spells as 7 HD creature; MR 25%; XP 370)

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