Monday, September 3, 2018


48 BOUNCER'S ROOM. This was a bedroom for three people. The furniture is rough and has seen severe abuse.

There are three footlockers.

Footlocker 1: Trapped with a poison needle. Save or take 1d8 damage and the hand that gets stung turns blue for 1d4 days. Holds 2 black iron daggers, a jar of topical narcotic (foul smelling white paste used to soothe painful gums), a bag of 16 gold crescents, and a wolf skull.

Footlocker 2: Locked. Holds a bag of mixed coin and other valuables: 12 gold crescents, 14 silver spanners, 15 copper pieces, sixteen marbles, and three hunks of lead.

Footlocker 3: Holds 6 pickled sheep eyeballs in a glass jar, 34 copper pieces, 3 silver spanners, and silver holy symbols to Samech and Sarmo.

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