Thursday, March 8, 2018


57 COMBAT CHAMBER. This spacious room has a white stone floor. The ceiling is twenty five feet high. Drains are in each corner. Along one wall is a raised area with a throne made of pieces of rock. The walls are decorated with murals of Triskelion vat men fighting one another.

This room is frequently used by Triskelion vat men to fight another, and it also attracts other monsters. Encounters are four times as likely when this room is being explored.

The raised dais is five feet higher than the rest of the floor. The throne is actually very comfortable. There are secret compartments. A foot rest pops out, when a hidden stud is pressed under the right arm rest. Hidden in the back is a secret compartment that opens when a hidden stud is pressed under the left arm rest. It holds a robe made of cloth-of-gold (300 gold crescents value) and a silver mask stylized with the bearded face of a man (130 gold crescents value).

Under the seat, a hidden drawer can be pulled from the left side. Inside are a golden cup and five small golden trophies. The golden cup appears to be worth 450 gold crescents but is magic. If placed upright it will fill with delicious red wine, a neverending supply. This wine is 80% likely to cure poisoning, even those induced by monsters (for example, giant spider bite). Thee trophies are each worth 10 gold crescents.

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